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A unified and orchestrated directory service built for next-generation scale, high performance, and resilience

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What Is Directory Services?

A competitive organization is a globally accessible organization. Your customers and employees are constantly on the move and demand services that go beyond geography. Network failure in one region can impact consumer experience or employee productivity in other regions. That’s why it is critical to have universal high availability. You need to be ready for today’s rapidly growing, dynamic environments with secure, reliable, and  globally distributed services.  

ForgeRock Directory Services provides a high-performance, high-availability, internet-scale identity store that can handle thousands of transactions per second. Born from our telecom heritage, Directory Services is the gold standard for identity and is designed to help you overcome poor scalability and availability. With ForgeRock, you can accelerate time-to-market with offerings that deliver reliability to consumers, employees, and enterprise-level operations.

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What is ForgeRock Directory Services?

Future-Proof Scalability for Millions of Identities

Consumer demand can spike unexpectedly. You need to be prepared to scale in order to support rapid growth and user demand with consistent and reliable data. ForgeRock Directory Services helps you handle massive transaction volumes and millions of identities at thousands of transactions per second.

With Directory Services, you can:

  • Deliver industry-leading performance with sub-millisecond response times and low-latency throughput of up to hundreds of thousands of operations per second.

  • Support WAN-optimized replication to improve bandwidth efficiency in geographically distributed environments.

  • Provide load-balancing and horizontal scalability with Directory Proxy. 

  • Address data sovereignty and GDPR requirements through discrete regional directory services.

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Ensure Data Is Secure Whether In-Store or In-Flight

Organizations need continuous protection against malicious attacks and potential breaches. ForgeRock Directory Services provides the necessary encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data at rest and in transit for your customers and workforce anytime, anywhere.

ForgeRock gives you the power to:

  • Use database-level encryption to secure user identities on disk and index confidentiality.

  • Safeguard user identities in transit with the latest security protocols available through the Java platform (TLS1.3).

  • Support mutual TLS for all types of accounts.

  • Restrict access to user identities and personally identifiable information (PII) through fined-grained access control rules and enable PII data masking from logs.

  • Strengthen security with extensive password policies and specialized password hashing schemes like BCrypt and PBKDF2.

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Deliver Reliable Services with a Resilient System

Most organizations delay upgrades because they cannot afford downtime, especially if they have a secured environment. This comes at the cost of keeping up with the latest standards and technologies. Directory Services runs continuously without interruption during maintenance operations, service upgrades, network outages, and system failures. 

With Directory Services, you can:

  • Support zero downtime upgrades with replication.

  • Perform real-time monitoring with operational dashboards via Prometheus or Graphite.

  • Mitigate risk of DDoS attacks by limiting resource consumption.

  • Support backup automation with full, incremental, signed, or encrypted backups.

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Support DevOps with a Modern and Flexible Directory Solution

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is cloud-ready and DevOps-ready, so you can accelerate business results at a global scale. ForgeRock recognizes that each organization has unique needs for deployment patterns. Directory Services is deployable in a variety of ways: on premises, hybrid, or in the cloud (including containers such as VMware, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes). Directory Services supports flexible REST, LDAP, SDK, and Web Services protocols to make integration simple for developers.

With Directory Services, you can:

  • Optimize operations and development with performance testing tools. 

  • Store, search, and retrieve structured data (LDAP) and unstructured data (such as JSON attributes).

  • Integrate with logging systems like Syslog, Elastic Search, Splunk, and REST. 

  • Eliminate dependencies on password synchronization by easily integrating with Microsoft Active Directory.

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A Sustainable Identity Solution Is Cost-Effective

Reliance on legacy data centers means aging infrastructures and large global footprints that are cumbersome and costly to manage. These ultimately become unsustainable over time for organizations. ForgeRock can help lower your costs by reducing your hardware footprint with new deployment methodologies. The result? You can meet customer demand by providing optimal performance, availability, and reliability. 

ForgeRock achieves this by providing simple cloud installation packages to rapidly deploy production-ready software into a multi-cloud environment, supporting hundreds of millions of identities within minutes. Deploy on any cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Microsoft Azure, or Pivotal Cloud Foundry. 

With ForgeRock, you can save on costs and support DevOps, accelerating business results at a global scale:

  • Save up to 25% on IAM implementation time.

  • Leverage a reference cloud model to determine the best performance cost ratio.

  • Automate tasks such as backup and recovery

  • Use monitoring and alerting to better automate service management.

  • Improve memory usage through smart caching and database optimization.


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Directory Services in Short

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Data Store

Empower your organization with a directory that serves as the single source of truth for your consumers, workforce, and things.

High Availability and Scalability

Support enterprise, cloud, social, or mobile environments with a directory service that is dynamically scalable and optimized for performance and  security.

Multi-Master and Fractional Replication

Quickly and easily replicate directory data at internet-scale, to provide consistent, reliable identity data across your organization.


Offer a flexible data model that supports a range of developer options, including a REST API, SCIM, LDAP, and DSML-based web services.