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AI-Driven Identity for the Modern Enterprise

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What Is Autonomous Identity?

ForgeRock’s Autonomous Identity is an AI-driven identity analytics solution that allows organizations to accelerate secure access, achieve regulatory compliance and mitigate risks and reduce costs. By leveraging machine learning techniques, Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data such as accounts, roles, and entitlements to identify security access and risk blind spots. The solution provides organizations with wider and deeper insight into the risks associated with user access by providing enterprise-wide contextual insights, high-risk user access awareness, and remediation recommendations. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity allows organizations to address increasing regulatory compliance pressures, remote workforce security issues and growing operational inefficiencies by increasing the business value of existing identity governance solution investments by layering on top of and integrating with them.

What is ForgeRock Autonomous Identity?

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Benefits


Enterprise-Wide Risk Visibility

  • Quickly understand organizational user access risk posture 
  • Contextual awareness of who has access to what and why
  • Continuously identify high-risk access


Boost Operational Efficiency 

  • Automated AI-driven risk visibility, analysis, and reporting of user access
  • Focus organizational effort on the areas that present the most risk
  • Allows productivity shift so teams can focus on and address higher priority tasks


Accelerate Decision-Making 

  • Empower decision makers to allow or remove user access based on risk
  • Take immediate action based on confidence scores, not static roles and entitlements
  • Automate high-confidence access to eliminate unnecessary requests, reviews, certifications, and approvals

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Customer Successes

Multinational financial services organization


Access privileges identified for removal from a major ERP application with 1.1M assignments.

Global Consumer Goods Provider


Reduction of required roles across the organization for 66K users and objects.

Major US healthcare service provider


Entitlements throughout the enterprise identified as excessive for 14.6 million assignments within 3 hours.

How ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Works

By leveraging AI and machine learning techniques, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data, such as accounts, roles, user activity, and entitlements, to identify security access and risk blind spots.

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ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Features

AI-driven identity analytics that provides enterprise-wide visibility, control, and remediation for today’s modern enterprise.

Contextual, Enterprise-Wide Visibility

By leveraging AI-driven identity analytics, organizations can collect and analyze identity data (accounts, roles, user activity, entitlements, and more) from diverse identity, governance, and infrastructure solutions in order to provide enterprise-wide visibility of all identities and what they have access to across the entire organization. This modern approach provides security and risk professionals with contextual insights into low-, medium-, and high-risk user access at scale.

Data Agnostic

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity works with all existing identity data types to develop a complete view of the user access landscape. By consuming and analyzing tens of millions of data points, the solution can predict and recommend user access rights and highlight potential risks. Total landscape visibility provides highly accurate models on what good access should and should not look like. Unlike other “black box” identity analytics solutions, that are based on static rules, roles, and peer group analysis, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity relies strictly on organizational data to develop an analysis that is free from any bias that might come from human-derived rules and roles that exist in your existing identity governance solution.

Access Rights Identification

Organizations can contextually examine all identity-related data and identify and recommend the right level of user access rights. This modern intelligence-based approach provides the ability to identify and apply appropriate birthright or leaver user access rights to accounts, applications, systems, roles, entitlements, and more. This process reduces the overall request volume by predicting appropriate user access at the right time to the right resources.

Transparent Artificial Intelligence

Unlike other “black box” identity analytics solutions, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity allows you to fully comprehend how and why risk confidence scores are determined. By visually presenting low-, medium-, and high-risk confidence scores together, security and risk professionals can contextually understand what key risk indicators were met. This AI-driven approach recommends risk-based identity and governance remediation updates based on enterprise-wide confidence scores.

Continuous Machine Learning

As new identity data is collected and old data is purged, the AI/machine learning model evolves and learns the dynamic changes within the organization. By leveraging predefined machine learning techniques and algorithms, organizations can quickly predict, recommend, and identify outliers. This intelligence-based approach allows security and risk professionals to automatically analyze and model high volumes of identity data in order to identify high-risk user access and unauthorized or unknown user access across the entire enterprise.

Remediation and Automation

With AI-driven identity analytics, organizational actors — application owners, supervisors, administrators, and others — can take corrective action based on recommended remediation, such as revoking stale user access rights and automatically removing them. By automatically approving and certifying high-confidence and low-risk access requests, enterprises can reduce operational burdens and accelerate certification campaigns across the entire organization.


Product Datasheet

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