Workforce and Citizen Identity Management for Governments and the Public Sector

Governments, agencies, and public sector organizations worldwide leverage ForgeRock to modernize IAM with easy migration, full DevOps capabilities, and flexible deployment.

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Why Is It Time for Government to Modernize IAM?

With the rise of security risks, online services, citizen and workforce user demands, and mandated initiatives, modernizing digital identity to provide exceptional digital experiences is an urgent priority for governments and agencies. 

Unfortunately, most government agencies’ identity and access management (IAM) solutions result in limited capabilities, siloed data, fragmented security, expensive maintenance, and less-than-ideal user experiences. 

The complexities of today’s government agencies require IAM technology that can seamlessly interoperate across ecosystems and provide secure access to citizens, workforce, and things at any touchpoint. What’s needed is a comprehensive and flexible identity platform that can both work within current system environments and enable easy integration and migration from legacy systems while supporting any use case at scale. With ForgeRock, government organizations can do just that.

ForgeRock helps people safely and simply access the connected world by enabling exceptional digital experiences with no compromise on security.

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ForgeRock Identity for the U.S. and Canada

Do Identity Your Way With a Comprehensive, DevOps-Capable Platform

ForgeRock is the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible digital identity platform. Built with feature parity, the ForgeRock platform can be consumed as a service or deployed as software. Software deployment options include on premises or within any cloud environment, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud for millions of identities in minutes using ForgeRock’s full DevOps capabilities. This results in up to 25% savings on implementation costs and a 50% return on your investment.

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Modernize Government IAM as You Need, at Scale

The risk and effort involved for government organizations to migrate to a new identity solution is often prohibitive. Yet, with ForgeRock, there is no need to go through the pain, risk, and expense of ripping out your legacy identity solutions. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is purpose-built to give you the capability to coexist, migrate, or retire your IAM system on your terms. 

ForgeRock provides a simple, flexible approach that enables you to retire disparate, legacy identity management systems like CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder), Oracle, IBM, or homegrown solutions. You can also enable these systems to coexist or consolidate them with ForgeRock as a single identity platform. With our standards-based identity and access management platform, you can quickly and easily build on your existing investments and streamline operations.

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Podcast: FICAM Drives an Imperative for Modernized IAM

United States Federal Government guidelines on implementing identity and access controls beyond traditional credential validation methods are giving agencies greater flexibility to improve security as well as user experience.  Those guidelines — part of the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) policy — also help pave the path to modernizing how employees and citizens access government resources. 

Listen to this podcast to learn what you should look for in a digital identity platform to meet FICAM requirements. And, read more about how to modernize IAM within US federal government agencies to realize tangible benefits.

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Utilize Digital Identity to Meet European Union eIDAS Requirements

To comply with the European Union’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), countries within the EU must open and allow electronic identities to be used across international borders. To do this, government organizations need to embrace federated identity models.

ForgeRock is a scalable and flexible identity platform that provides the building blocks needed for digital government to function at scale while enabling eDIAS concepts via the industry’s most extensive network of integration partners

Through this network, ForgeRock helps European governments, agencies, and local organizations embrace eIDAS principles by enabling secure and seamless integrations with:

  • Trusted services providers.

  • Qualified e-signature providers.

  • Advanced e-signature and certificate processes.

With ForgeRock, government organizations can build a digital identity “hub” to improve citizen services, meet regulations, support eIDAS principles, and extend broadly to hundreds of different identity use cases.

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Work With the Top Reseller and Implementation Partners

Modernizing identity can be a daunting undertaking, often requiring input from experts. ForgeRock proudly works with the industry’s top implementation partners such as Accenture, DXC, Carahsoft, Deloitte, HubCity Media, KPMG, PwC, and others.

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Imagine All Your Services Seamlessly and Securely Connected

Today, governments must deliver secure digital services with speed and simplicity at scale. The ForgeRock Identity Platform enables all of the above and serves as a unified portal for workforce and citizen access to all government services, such as benefit management (for example the US Health and Human Services Medicaid), license renewals, fine payments, tax filings, or passport applications.

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