ForgeRock Identity Cloud

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud is our comprehensive Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) cloud solution built with the power of the ForgeRock Platform

Identity Cloud PaaS Identity Cloud Express

Developer Approved, Enterprise Trusted

Whether deployed on premises, in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, or natively in the cloud, the ForgeRock Identity Platform solves the most complex identity problems with a single platform. 

ForgeRock enables you to scale with ease by offering a full range of cloud identity deployment options. These options maximize valuable IT resources and accelerate time-to-market for mission-critical internal and external applications. You can manage  500,000,000 identities in a single tenant — or save $15,000,000 over two years by modernizing and centralizing legacy systems and leveraging our full-featured, highly available, and customizable services.

ForgeRock customers include the world's most prominent companies. Among their complex identity requirements are identity and access management for their customers, workforce, and things. Our customers rely on us to provide innovative, effective identity solutions, including a comprehensive cloud identity service to meet the most complex identity and access management demands.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow, with essential tools for re-inventing the digital customer experience. These include biometrics, multi-factor authentication (MFA), contextual signal collection, and user-driven analytics.



One Cloud

ForgeRock Identity Cloud consists of both a solution and a platform. Both leverage modern, multi-tenant architecture with full tenant isolation and no shared knowledge. Both provide scalability, from a few thousand to hundreds of millions of users. Both are designed so you can expand as your business grows.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud PaaS

Identity Cloud PaaS is the comprehensive ForgeRock Identity Platform delivered as a cloud service. It enables digital transformation by reducing cost of ownership and accelerating time-to-value. Identity Cloud PaaS offers flexible authentication and API integration patterns to continuously secure microservices integration for your customers, workforce, and things.

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ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express

Identity Cloud Express is our preconfigured SaaS solution. It supports applications that leverage modern identity standards, prescriptively handling common customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs quickly and easily. It is designed for the most common use cases and helps you accelerate time-to-market. You can build rich cloud-based identity applications in minutes, with integrated and secure registration, account recovery, and modern multi-factor authentication.

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Security Is Shared. Data Is Not

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud uses native cloud security features to prevent denial-of-service (DoS) attacks against customer environments or services, blocking traffic from specific geographic locations. Network communications are strictly controlled using Kubernetes network policies.

At the service level, customer data is stored within a customer environment comprising a dedicated trust zone that shares no code, data, or identities with other customers’ environments. At the physical level, the cloud provider provides encryption of data at rest. Data is encrypted when written to a hard drive and decrypted when read.

Identity Cloud’s security architecture has undergone a detailed internal review, including a threat modeling exercise that systematically evaluates the assets hosted within the service, an attacker’s options for compromising them, and the effectiveness of the service’s security controls at preventing or detecting threats. 

Security also starts with the fundamentals: secure coding practices, least privilege, dependency management, and more. Clean design and meticulous operational practices benefit both security and quality.

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Not Entirely Ready for the Cloud? No Problem

As organizations embrace digital transformation, technology environments have evolved into a hybrid of on premises and cloud. ForgeRock is the only identity provider that offers a full suite of modern capabilities for any identity need, in any environment.

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