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Why You Need Workforce Identity and Access Management

Digital transformation has rapidly changed how business and work gets done. To attract and retain top talent and be a viable competitor in the market, you must meet workforce demands for accessibility, ease, and security. 

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is a flexible, comprehensive solution that can be implemented across your organization to fully support digital transformation initiatives for your workforce and beyond. With ForgeRock Workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can provide exceptional experiences and implement the utmost security while increasing IT resource efficiency and productivity.

12 Trends to Modernize Workforce IAM

Improve Your Corporate Security Posture

The number of data breaches, hacks, ransomware, and other cybercrime has skyrocketed, with no sign of relenting. To support digital workforce initiatives, such as workplace flexibility, BYOD (bring your own device), Cloud First, and new business opportunities with partners, ForgeRock Workforce IAM equips you with the most current security capabilities, such as:

  • Providing borderless workforce access while protecting every enterprise asset with ForgeRock Intelligent Access.

  • Identifying and protecting against fraudulent and malicious activities without disrupting productivity by adopting a Zero Trust security model.

  • Securing interactions across users, devices, IoT, APIs, applications, services, and integrations.

  • Protecting user data and maintaining compliance.

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Empower Your Workforce With Exceptional Experiences

Today’s workforce wants delightful experiences with secure, transparent, and frictionless access to resources, systems, and applications anywhere, anytime, and using any device. This requires modern workforce IAM capabilities that promote your digital workplace initiatives and enable you to: 

  • Speed onboarding and give users secure and appropriate levels of access while constantly verifying that access.

  • Provide better user experiences through single sign-on (SSO), federation, and compliance with modern standards.

  • Create a single view of a user through Directory Services.

  • Build trusted applications that can be accessed anywhere by user-owned devices (BYOD).

  • Open externally to leverage third-party systems, applications, and identity-driven API ecosystems.

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Gain Unparalleled Functionality and Efficiency

ForgeRock is a single platform that solves all of your identity and access management challenges: customers, employees, IoT, and more. From the simplest to the most complex and largest scale, we support a broad scope of use cases.

Comprehensive doesn't mean complex. With ForgeRock, you can get your first deployment up and running in minutes and then scale from there. Mix and match your choice of any combination of on premises, cloud, hybrid, container, and as-a-service implementation options to scale and meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

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Leverage Industry-Leading Identity Governance and Administration

ForgeRock Identity Governance is the only identity governance and administration solution on the market integrated with a comprehensive digital identity platform purpose-built for people, services, and things. 

Identity Governance is a central solution that allows you to manage and reduce the risk that comes with excessive or unnecessary user access to applications, systems and data. With Identity Governance, you can establish policies, driving user access rights and allow for continuous monitoring of their proper implementation from a centralized location. Additionally, it enables you to have a stronger security posture by automatically driving regulatory compliance through a periodic access review process.

This solution includes access request, access review, policy enforcement, role lifecycle management, and entitlement management and helps ensure compliance with organizational security and regulatory policies.

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Modernize Employee IAM Your Way

Unlike most IAM solutions, with ForgeRock there’s no need to go through the pain, risk, and expense of ripping out existing identity solutions to get the features and benefits of IAM modernization that you need in order to compete in today’s digital landscape. 

ForgeRock provides a flexible approach. You can support rapidly changing business needs with new applications and services while maintaining business-critical legacy applications. Augment first, then coexist, so you can later consolidate or retire disparate, legacy IAM systems like CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder), Oracle, IBM, and even homegrown identity systems. You can also integrate disparate systems (from departmental to security) to fully leverage your current and new investments.

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Increase IT Resource Efficiency and Productivity

While digital transformation continues to gain momentum across the globe, IT departments are understaffed and overburdened. As the leading digital identity provider of modern and comprehensive IAM solutions, ForgeRock helps minimize the development and administrative burden on IT teams by automating and streamlining IAM, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

With ForgeRock, your IT resources can:

  • Enable rapid testing and deployment of new solutions easily and securely in the cloud.

  • Use automated provisioning, workflows, and governance to speed onboarding and manage the full user lifecycle.

  • Automate everyday administrative tasks, like deployment of hardware (using cloud) and software (using DevOps), enabling your business to run lean and efficiently.

  • Speed development time by supporting a secure microservices strategy within a monolithic environment

  • Integrate new and emerging technologies and advancements — such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) — easily into authentication flows.




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