ForgeRock Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Leverage the industry’s leading CIAM solution to acquire customers faster, deliver great experiences, and protect your customers and organization.

Solution Brief

It’s Time to Conquer the New Digital Normal



$2 Trillion

Worldwide annual spend on digital transformation



Outperformance over laggards by offering exceptional experiences


$42 Billion

The total of losses caused by fraud since 2018

Do Better Business with ForgeRock CIAM

ForgeRock helps organizations do business better by significantly improving and scaling customer identity and access management (CIAM) with the industry's only full-suite, AI-driven platform purpose-built for all use cases and identities, including things. With ForgeRock’s acclaimed CIAM solution, you can utilize the latest digital identity technologies to support your unique initiatives and meet not only today’s requirements, but also tomorrow’s.


Acquire Customers Faster

It's no secret that complicated registration processes result in frustrated customers that take their business elsewhere. In fact, 46% of customers will abandon difficult account registration processes.

ForgeRock helps you acquire customers faster with capabilities such as user self service, social registration, and progressive profiling. The result includes accelerated conversion rates, greater retention rates, and higher customer loyalty.



Deliver Great Experiences

72% of customers say account lockout is worse than a toilet paper shortage. Such poor customer experience results in lost opportunity and revenue to competitors.

With ForgeRock, you can deliver great experiences with self service for password management and multiple options for authentication and privacy and consent, leading to higher omnichannel revenue, lower customer churn, and greater long-term profitability.


Protect Your Customers

Manual processes, weak compliance controls, and outdated security lead to fraud, data breaches, and costly fines. In fact, one large UK organization was fined £20m over a data breach.

With secure access experiences, identity-driven fraud mitigation, privacy and consent mechanisms and compliance, and more, ForgeRock helps you protect both your customers and your organization.


Modernize Your Digital Customer Journey

To succeed in today's digital landscape necessitates the ability to quickly acquire and retain customers, drive revenue, loyalty and trust throughout the digital customer journey. Yet, siloed legacy systems make this difficult to achieve.

With the industry's leading customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, ForgeRock enables global organizations to quickly modernize legacy systems with future-built CIAM capabilities that help drive revenue, loyalty, and trust. With ForgeRock, you can ensure that customers securely and seamlessly move across the digital customer journey.

  • Registration: Give prospective customers simplified registration options, including identity, device and social registrations (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Apple). Calculate your savings
  • Authentication: Quickly acquire customers and keep them coming back with passwordless and usernameless, single sign on, web, and mobile authentication options.
  • Self-Service: Offer customers self-service registration, access request and password resets capabilities to increase engagement rates. Calculate your savings
  • Personalization: Let customers use the same profile and preferences for all their applications to ensure a consistent and personalized experience across all digital channels
  • Privacy: Provide customers a centralized portal for managing their personal data, account profile and privacy settings in order to adhere to privacy regulations and ensure customer trust.

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Leverage Industry-Leading CIAM Capabilities



Acquire Customers Faster

  • Increase customer acquisition rates
  • Simplify registration options
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences


Customer Profile Management

  • Simplified user profile policies and controls  
  • One identity across all applications and devices 
  • Consistent customer experience across all channels


Password Management


Passwordless Authentication


Universal Single Sign On (SSO)


Consent & Privacy Management


Intelligent Access


Technology Partner Network

Why ForgeRock for CIAM?


Luxury Automotive Customer


Seconds to onboard new consumer and workforce applications for 25M users.

Financial Services Customer


Reduction in implementation time with 50% fewer resources.

Multinational Communications Services Org


Reduction in login-related service desk chats, increasing login success from 59% to 94%.



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