Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Innovate and provide exceptional customer experiences while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance with ForgeRock customer identity and access management solutions

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Why You Need Consumer Identity and Access Management

Digital transformation and the Disruptive Economy have taken hold of business and society. To meet the demands of both, you need the ability to quickly innovate and provide exceptional customer identity experiences while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance.

With ForgeRock, you can address — and get ahead of — the requirements of the digital Disruptive Economy. Using ForgeRock’s comprehensive, flexible customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology, you can support customer experiences that exceed expectations and foster consumer trust and loyalty to create new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

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ForgeRock Transforms the Customer Experience

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is a single, all-encompassing identity and access management solution for all your identity use cases. ForgeRock’s comprehensive CIAM functionality serves as the backbone of the secure, seamless, personalized, and privacy-minded consumer digital ecosystem that you need to meet today’s disruptive, digital transformation demands.

With ForgeRock CIAM, you can:

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Grow Business and Competitive Advantage with Exceptional Experiences

To win in today’s digital economy, you need to create informed, personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations. 

ForgeRock offers the first solution on the market to model relationships across billions of users, devices, things, and cloud/microservices. This capability allows you to tie digital identities together so a customer, their connected things, and all the services they use are consolidated into a single user profile. ForgeRock uses real-time data and situational context to personalize and protect the customer experience. 

With one of the most sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) and API security and support offerings available today, ForgeRock enables you to fully utilize IoT and build new applications that will delight your consumers. 

These capabilities and many more translate into increased opportunities to grow your business and competitive advantage through exceptional customer identity experiences.

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Leverage Security Built for a Zero Trust World

Creating innovative customer experiences with speed can't come at the expense of security and compliance. With ForgeRock, you can ensure that identities are secure and meet privacy and compliance requirements at any scale.

ForgeRock allows you to:

  • Design different authentication journeys for varying security and risk profiles.
  • Secure interactions across users, devices, IoT, APIs, applications, services, and integrations.
  • Achieve Zero Trust security for people, services, and things.
  • Secure new applications using modern identity standards with no installation requirements.
  • Employ mobile-first security to take advantage of all the signals provided by modern mobile devices.
  • Securely store personally identifiable information (PII).
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Foster Trust and Loyalty With Unparalleled Privacy and Control

At ForgeRock, we place an unprecedented focus on privacy, control, and security. We are the first digital identity provider to fully meet GDPR requirements with a comprehensive, interactive Profile and Privacy Dashboard. The dashboard provides your customers with precise control over their data while also conveying the clear message that you are serious about their privacy and trust.

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Gain the Most Comprehensive Functionality and Efficiency

ForgeRock is a single platform that solves all your identity and access management challenges: customers, employees, IoT experiences, and more. 

ForgeRock’s comprehensive digital identity platform supports any use case — from the simplest to the most complex and largest. You can get your first project up and running quickly and expand from there. Mix and match any combination of on premises, cloud, container, and as-a-service implementation options to scale and meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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Modernize CIAM Your Way

Traditional IAM ecosystems are challenged by the need to comply with regulations while providing delightful, seamless, and personalized consumer identity experiences, and securing identities and data. 

As a flexible, comprehensive platform, ForgeRock enables you to augment your disparate, legacy systems first, then coexist and later consolidate or retire solutions like CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder), Oracle, IBM, or homegrown systems. The ability to coexist with your current identity solution while you move to ForgeRock minimizes pain, risk, and expense so you can benefit from IAM modernization and compete in today’s digital landscape at your pace.

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