The ForgeRock Identity Platform

ForgeRock offers the industry’s most comprehensive digital identity platform supporting all use cases for customers, employees, and things

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Support Today’s Demands While Future-Proofing Tomorrow’s

Digital transformation trends are rapidly and interdependently shaping the way we do business, how we work, and the ways we interact. The Disruptive Economy has created a high-stakes game to capture and keep users’ attention. Organizations must constantly reinvent offerings and provide exceptional experiences for both consumers and workforce. At the same time, cybercrime is on the rise — often involving the theft of personal data. These trends and others demand an agile, future-built, and all-encompassing digital identity platform. 

ForgeRock is the industry’s most comprehensive, visionary, and leading digital identity provider — supporting today’s demands and defining the future of identity.

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“We selected ForgeRock as our IAM technology partner because of their success in delivering the ForgeRock Identity Platform in an easy-to-deploy, highly scalable approach to enterprise, cloud, and mobile environments. To us, ForgeRock understood what it meant to create a modern, best-in-class web experience for our large and exceedingly diverse customer base.”


Greg Kalinsky, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, GEICO


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Utilize A Single Comprehensive Platform for Every One and Every Thing

The ForgeRock Identity Platform empowers you to address today’s and tomorrow’s demands by enabling exceptional digital experiences and delivering no compromise security , privacy, and compliance for all identities — consumer, workforce, and things — and all use cases. We provide comprehensive functionality at any scale, with simple, flexible, and rapid implementations across your organization.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform consists of identity management, access management, user-managed access, directory services, edge security, and identity gateway.

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Consume as a Service or Deploy in Any Environment

The ForgeRock Identity Platform can be consumed as a service or deployed as software. Software deployment options include on premises or in any cloud environment, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. With ForgeRock’s full DevOps capabilities, you can deploy millions of identities in minutes, resulting in as much as 25% savings on implementation costs and a 50% return on your investment.

You have the flexibility to combine any of these options and scale up as your business grows. The ForgeRock Identity Platform meets your needs today and tomorrow — simply and rapidly.

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Implement Identity at Your Pace and Scale

With ForgeRock, you don’t need to go through the pain, risk, and expense of ripping out existing identity solutions to get the modern features and benefits you need to compete in today’s digital landscape. ForgeRock’s API-First design enables implementations that fully coexist with existing solutions for immediate and sustained value throughout your transformation process.

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Multicloud DevOps Deployments
Identity Cloud Express

Grow and Innovate With Open Standards

To help you meet the latest demands ahead of the competition, ForgeRock rapidly adopts standards and is actively involved in standards development. With ForgeRock, you can build standards in a modular way to support all types of apps, devices, and things across your identity landscape. This allows you to quickly adopt new technologies and build business-critical platforms without vendor lock-in.

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Increase Efficiency and Productivity With Common Services

ForgeRock provides shared identity services across the entire platform to increase efficiency and productivity at your organization — whether  supporting DevOps with RESTful APIs, logging data in a consistent way, or scaling to billions of identities.

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Gain Free Access to the Most Powerful Partner Technology Ecosystem

At ForgeRock, functionality and flexibility are top of mind. The ForgeRock Trust Network is a technology ecosystem of more than 75 partners that provides you with access to endless digital identity capabilities using the ForgeRock Identity Platform as the foundation. 

Technology partner categories include strong authentication, risk and fraud management, behavioral biometrics, and identity proofing and enrichment. ForgeRock Trust Network integrations are included free of charge with the ForgeRock Identity Platform. When used together, these certified integrations increase predictability, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

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Product Brief

A Platform Built for Everything

Legacy IAM wasn't designed for today's digital demands. Find out how the ForgeRock Identity Platform is different.


Modernizing Workforce IAM

Learn why it's time to extend or gradually replace legacy systems for employee identity and access management.

Identity Management

Seamlessly manage identity relationships across all channels — on premises, in the cloud, and on mobile — for your consumers, workforce, and things.

Access Management

Protect against the latest threats and drive personalization using the world’s only dynamic orchestration and intelligence engine, which captures rich context to make continuous access decisions.

Identity Governance

Manage and reduce, to the extent possible, the risk that comes with excessive or unnecessary access of users to applications, systems and data.

Directory Services

Prepare for rapid growth with a high-performance and resilient directory service designed to handle massive transaction volumes, and address the latest security and privacy requirements.

Edge Security

Close the Internet of Things (IoT) security gap, and build trusted identity relationships with a secure solution that includes contextual security, open standards, and scalability to meet IoT-level demands.

Identity Gateway

Bridge identity and enforce security protocols easily and consistently across business apps, APIs, and microservices — all with one solution.