Modern IAM for the Hybrid Enterprise

Bridge the on-prem, cloud, and as-a-service divide in your hybrid IT and hybrid cloud environments with a purpose-built hybrid IAM platform.

Forrester Consulting Study: IAM for Hybrid Enterprise

Hybrid IT Is the New Reality




Respondents worldwide say hybrid cloud will be their reality for 5+ years



Projected spending on public cloud services in 2021



Adoption or expansion of cloud-based IAM initiatives within the next 2 years

Solve the Hybrid IT Paradox with Hybrid IAM

Organizations are rapidly moving to hybrid IT and hybrid cloud environments for cost savings. Yet, while embracing hybrid IT to meet demand, the complexity of their ever-growing hybrid environments are thwarting their modernization efforts. In fact, according to McKinsey, 80% of CIOs report they have not attained agility from modernization and cloud migration. So, what's the solution?

Hybrid IAM is an identity and access management (IAM) platform capable of running, unifying, and securing all digital identities within a hybrid architecture. With ForgeRock Hybrid IAM, you can solve the hybrid IT paradox by easily integrating and securing hybrid environments for seamless and efficient operations.

Webinar: Cloud IAM Challenges within the Hybrid Enterprise

Integrate and Operate Within Any Hybrid IT Environment


Managing IT and identity and access management (IAM) infrastructures both on premises and in the cloud results in complexities, such as large amounts of siloed identities and data that leads to migration and integration issues. The result? Compromised security, user experience, efficiency, and innovation.

Hybrid IAM enables you to seamlessly integrate, centralize, and manage identities and data across any environment. Capable of being implemented within on premises, any cloud, and as-a-service infrastructures, ForgeRock offers the only comprehensive hybrid IAM platform. With ForgeRock Hybrid IAM, you can:

  • Support a cohesive coexistence and migration strategy to enable cloud adoption without disruption.
  • Gain complete freedom to transition at your own pace, from on-prem to cloud to as-a-service.
  • Modernize IAM with no impact to business-critical applications.
  • Authenticate and authorize user access across multi-channel applications running within hybrid IT and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Pre-identify user digital signals, such as location, IP address, device type, operating system, and browser type before impacting applications.
  • Uncover threats by monitoring and isolating malicious activity across application portfolios.

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Why ForgeRock For Your Hybrid IAM?


Great Experiences

  • Create unparalleled and optimized user access journeys from registration to authentication
  • Deliver consistent service at any scale without throttling or service disruption
  • Support any identity, any device, and any cloud to meet your hybrid IT needs on your terms


Uncompromising Security

  • Ensure that your data is under your control, with patented tenant isolation
  • Implement a Zero Trust security model that is contextual, adaptive and dynamic
  • Leverage a comprehensive IAM platform that includes provisioning to on-premises applications


Cost Savings

  • Leverage maximum deployment flexibility across on-premises, any cloud, and as-a-service environments
  • Enjoy complete freedom with one simple subscription for all deployments
  • Rely on predictable, no-surprise pricing that doesn't penalize you for growth




IAM for the Hybrid Enterprise

Download the report paper from Forrester Consulting commissioned by ForgeRock and Google Cloud to understand how global security professionals are managing and optimizing their IAM strategies for their hybrid enterprise


Cloud IAM Challenges within the Hybrid Enterprise

Gain insights from experts at Forrester Research, Google Cloud, and a case study from BMW.
(60 minutes)

White Paper

ForgeRock Identity Cloud

Discover how a comprehensive identity platform as a service can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Hybrid IAM Infographic


Get informative hybrid IT and hybrid cloud statistics based on the Forrester Consulting study: IAM for the Hybrid Enterprise.

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